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In 2030, the world is led by examples of good governance.


Unfortunately, scandal, deceit, dictatorship and corruption are all too common across all forms of leadership and governance. The Edelman Trust Barometer depicts that people show defiance towards businesses, governments, NGOs and media1. In areas of civil unrest, people risk their lives to vote, or are simply denied the chance. News agencies present views and ‘fake news’ swayed by political and financial affiliations. Opportunities to ‘skirt the system’ are presented readily and are made too appealing. The desire to win has become stronger than the desire to play fair, and the need for speed has become more dominant than the need for accuracy and care. Self-preservation and promotion comes before the good of the people.


To make a change, the global SAPA Movement must:

  • Publicly adopt principles of good governance and integrity, and lead by example.
  • Instil values of fair play, participation and positive leadership.


Club Matters

Club Matters

Organisation Sport England
Country England
Target Group Sport clubs in England

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Club Matters is Sport England’s one stop shop for sports clubs. Club Matters gives access to free innovative tools and practical resources to help develop a sports club in many areas including governance and leadership and sustainability. Club Matters’ resources are developed to help clubs, groups and organisations who are involved in the delivery of physical activity and sport. Registration is simple and free for everyone.
It is led by Sport England and supported by Big Lottery Fund

Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport

Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport

Organisation Council of Europe
Country Europe wide
Target Group EU member states public authorities and sports organisations


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The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) provides a platform for intergovernmental sports co-operation between the public authorities of its member states. It also encourages dialogue between public authorities, sports federations and NGOs. This contributes to better governance, with the aim of making sport more ethical, more inclusive and safer.
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