The Global Sport for All Movement and COVID-19

The Global Sport for All Movement and COVID-19

The Global Sport for All Movement and COVID-19


The worldwide pandemic has been impacting all segments of society, and the sport sector is particularly threatened. During these trying times, with a considerable amount of people finding their ability to go outside and exercise restricted for safety and health reasons, sport for all and physical activity stands out as a crucial element to integrate as part of people's daily lives to maintain good levels of wellbeing, fitness and mental health. 

TAFISA endeavours to support the Global Sport for All Movement and empower its members to unleash the potential of Sport for All to tackle global challenges. Along with various sports organisations operating at the European level, TAFISA has co-signed a position paper on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the sport sector: Position Paper on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Sport Sector [PDF]

TAFISA is also sharing and showcasing innovative initiatives from our members, partners, stakeholders and other organisations, sharing recommendations, guidelines and programmes to promote physical activity while minimising risks and support the Global Sport for All Movement during the pandemic.

Do you know of other relevant initiatives to share with the Global Sport for All Movement? Please share them with us at and we will publish them here.


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