Launch of the SUCCEED Framework


Launch of the SUCCEED Framework

26 June 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the SUCCEED Framework!

In collaboration with the IOC through the Olympism365 strategy, TAFISA is proud to introduce SUCCEED – Supporting Communities Empowerment & Development through Sport for All.




SUCCEED (Supporting Communities Empowerment & Development through Sport for All) is a global framework dedicated to fostering community empowerment and development through capacity building in Sport for All. Led by TAFISA in collaboration with the IOC through its Olympism365 strategy, SUCCEED aims to provide a unified and synergistic approach towards building the capacity of Sport for All stakeholders.

At its core, SUCCEED is committed to capacity building approaches that promote solidarity, safeguarding, equality, inclusion, human rights and sustainable progress within communities globally. By integrating a diverse range of capacity-building initiatives into a unified framework, SUCCEED aims to empower practitioners, participants, institutions, and organizations to leverage sport as a tool to create a better world. Through strategic collaboration with various sports and non-profit organizations that support concerted efforts, it seeks to scale the reach and impact of Sport for All capacity building initiatives to make a lasting positive impact in communities through sport, fostering social cohesion, health, and well-being across diverse cultural and socioeconomic landscapes.

Highlights of the SUCCEED Launch Event

The SUCCEED framework was officially launched on 26 June during the Mission2030 webinar on "Capacity Building in Sport for All". This pivotal event underscored the collective power of strategic collaboration in fostering community empowerment through sport. Speakers highlighted the importance of partnerships between TAFISA, the IOC, and various sports and non-profit organizations to amplify the impact of capacity-building initiatives. The discussions emphasized the transformative potential of capacity building and the importance of collective action in creating a more inclusive world.

Participants expressed their enthusiasm and support for the initiative:

"In the context of capacity-building, and considering the different goals of organizations, having a common agenda is a key. Congratulations on the launch of SUCCEED! This initiative marks a significant step forward in capacity building within the sport community."

"Congratulations TAFISA on SUCCEED for a very relevant and responsive organization and program. As a recipient of the first CLC, my experience has been instrumental in my advocacy for Sport for All."

These reflections highlight the shared excitement and the collective belief in the transformative potential of the SUCCEED framework.

Collective Action

The success of SUCCEED relies on collective action, the sharing of resources, and collaborating towards common goals. This approach shifts the focus from singular training programs to a coordinated framework, emphasizing outputs to outcomes to achieve collective impact. By pooling expertise and resources, stakeholders maximize the effectiveness of their capacity-building efforts and contribute to creating lasting positive change within communities.

It's important to note that SUCCEED is not about duplicating or replicating existing initiatives. Instead, it focuses on enhancing and complementing what is already in place. By building on existing efforts and integrating new, innovative approaches, SUCCEED aims to create a synergistic effect that amplifies the impact of capacity-building initiatives in Sport for All. By fostering collaboration, we can build stronger, more resilient communities and create a more inclusive future for all.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed information as we continue to develop and expand the SUCCEED framework. For more information, visit the SUCCEED Website.