Launch of TAFISA Knowledge Exchange Commission


Launch of TAFISA Knowledge Exchange Commission

03 July 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of the TAFISA Knowledge Exchange Commission (KEC), a new initiative aimed at fostering global collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of Sport for All. The KEC will serve as a dynamic workgroup for experts, practitioners, and organization leaders worldwide to exchange ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions to enhance public health, inclusivity, engagement, and more through Sport for All. This initiative underscores TAFISA's commitment to empowering communities and a better world through Sport for All. 


The first meeting of the KEC took place on 19 June, providing members with an introduction to the KEC’s goals and framework. This initial gathering offered an opportunity for members to introduce themselves and begin discussing the future objectives and activities of the KEC. The collaborative environment fostered during this meeting set the tone for ongoing dialogue and active participation, which are crucial for the commission's success. 

Main objectives of the KEC include:

1. Sharing the latest research within the field through TAFISA events and communications.
2. Cultivating a research culture among TAFISA members and the Sport for All Movement at large.
3. Providing training and support for knowledge translation between practice and research.
4. Developing impact measurement frameworks aligned with Mission 2030 themes and global indicators and exploring research funding opportunities.
5. Enhancing TAFISA's visibility for researchers and fostering engagement.

The KEC includes a diverse group of stakeholders from various sectors, including academia, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. By facilitating open dialogues and collaborative projects, the commission seeks to address pressing issues, promote the sustainable development goals, and focus on evidence-based solutions, leveraging TAFISA's extensive network to drive positive change at both the grassroots and policy levels. The KEC is poised to become a cornerstone of innovation and progress in the realm of Sport for All, and we invite stakeholders from around the globe to join us in this transformative journey. 

The KEC is led by Co-chairs Aurélie Van Hoye, University of Lorraine and Tomohiko Yoshida of Sasakawa Sports Foundation. TAFISA is happy to welcome the members of the KEC:

  • Prof. Lynne Boddy, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Prof. Zoe Knowles, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Dr. Tshepang Tshube, University of Botswana
  • Prof. Stuart Biddle, University of Southern Queensland
  • Dr. Karim Abu-Omar, Friedrich Alexander University
  • Mabliny Thuany, Federal University of Sergipe
  • Rebecca Doherty, International Olympic Committee
  • Ben Jones, ActiveXchange
  • Dr. Nana Adom-Aboagye, African Union Sports Council
  • Marloes de Brabandere, Ghent University Center for Persuasive Communication
  • Prof. Marion Keim, Sport, Development and Peace and Olympic Education, UNESCO
  • Dr. Sara AlMalik, Saudi Sports for All Federation
  • Prof. Dr. Henry Daut, Mindanao State University
  • Dr. Sjaan Gomersall, International Society for Physical Activity and Health
  • Prof. Hank Jwo, National Taiwan Normal University
  • Dr. Kwok Ng, University of Turku Stacey Cateau, University of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Kervin Jean, University of the West Indies
  • Prof. Dr. Mickey Scheinowitz, International
  • Prof. Keith George, Liverpool John Moores University

As we embark on this exciting journey with the TAFISA Knowledge Exchange Commission, we can’t wait to see the amazing contributions this talented group will bring to the global Sport for All Movement.