TAFISA Vice President Announced as Recipient of The Anita White Fund


TAFISA Vice President Announced as Recipient of The Anita White Fund

13 June 2024

On 14 May, TAFISA Vice-President (Africa) Keenese Katisenge-Tizhani was announced as one of the 18 recipients of the Anita White Fund, which aims to support female leaders in sport around the world. She received the Anita White Catalyst Grant, which is part of The Anita White Fund.

Championing Inclusivity - Empowering Women With Disability in Sport in Botswana

Keenese developed an initiative to address the significant gender disparities faced by women with disabilities in the sports industry. Her project seeks to provide a platform for education, empowerment, and personal growth through a series of structured workshops that focus on enhancing leadership skills, conducting impact assessments, and fostering personal development. The project will incorporate a leadership boot camp for women with disabilities, focused on empowerment and personal development to increase representation.

Her project includes workshops on topics such as leadership in Sport, Impact assessment, Personal development, and Support and guidance.

The proposed project outcomes include:

  • Increase participation of women with disability in sport in Botswana
  • Improved representation of women with disability in decision-making roles
  • Empowerment and personal development of women with disability in sport
  • Awareness and Advocacy
  • Sustainable Change by prioritising activities with a focus on disability and social inclusion, the initiative aligns with the long-term sustainable change in sport.

Congratulations to Keenese on this remarkable achievement and for her dedication to empowering women with disabilities in sport. 


The Anita White Foundation (AWF) was created in honour of Dr Anita White OBE and Cath Sweet, two women who are leading figures in the women's and sports movement worldwide. The AWF gives women from all over the world the opportunity to win one of these two awards, with each one granting up to £2000 per successful applicant in one funding cycle.  

  • The Anita White Catalyst Grant enables women who have successfully completed leadership programmes to advance the women's and sport movement in their countries/regions/organisations. For example, the grant could be used to implement initiatives promoting networking and coalition building or to develop action plans for the advancement of women and sport.
  • The Cath Sweet Award supports women who wish to deliver programmes that promote social inclusion through sport. It prioritises activities with a focus on disability. UK Sport supports this fund in memory of Cath and her work to use sport to deliver positive social impact around the world.  

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