TAFISA Good Governance


Good Governance is at the core of TAFISA’s values; its principles are anchored within the strategic and everyday management of the organisation. The TAFISA Executive Office and Board of Directors ensure the respect of TAFISA Statutes, Code of Ethics, and bylaws including the Code of Conduct for Integrity.   

One of TAFISA’s Mission 2030 themes is Governance, Leadership, and Integrity. TAFISA believes that to drive change, the Global Sport for All Movement must:

  • Publicly adopt principles of good governance and integrity, leading by example.
  • Instil values of fair play, participation, and positive leadership.



In accordance with the TAFISA “Code of Conduct for Integrity", the TAFISA General Assembly elected on 3 November 2023 Finn Berggren as the independent Good Governance Officer of TAFISA. In addition to a preventive, advisory role for all employees and office-bearers (for instance, in the event of potential conflicts of interest), the Good Governance Officer is also responsible for:

  • Examining possible breaches
  • Assessing the relevance and issuing of recommendations to the relevant decision-making body on how to proceed.

The Good Governance Officer shall also have a right of initiative if he/she is not requested to become active directly but gains knowledge of possible incidents from external sources. The Good Governance Officer shall always be in charge in the case of breaches of the rules by members of the Board of Directors or Executive Board (investigation, dealing with the events, and action to be taken in response).



TAFISA members are welcome to contact the good governance officer at any time to raise relevant issues.


Finn Berggren
Finn Berggren, TAFISA Good Governance Officer