Europe in Action

Translating European policy into priorities for practical action

Europe in Action


Europe in Action undertakes an innovative and specialised approach to transfer fundamental and topical European key policy areas in the field of grassroots sport into priorities for practical action.  The research and analysis of existing EU policy will enable key themes to be extrapolated and formed in a way which allows streamlining into the agenda of stakeholders responsible for national and local policy and practical implementation.  


The process of transferring theory into practical action will encompass the following elements:


Knowledge creation and sharing of key European policy areas (“themes”). An analysis of existing European grassroots sport policy will lead to the sharing of specific themes which require attention in Europe, these may include: Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, Cultural, Heritage & Diversity, Economic Impact & Resources, Health & Well-being, Environment, Education, etc.).


Educational Modules developed based upon key themes which will be piloted throughout the 3-year project but then offered across Europe thereafter as a tool to educate key stakeholders in the field of grassroots sport.


Grassroots sport conferences in two different regions in Europe to invite key stakeholders for networking, knowledge sharing and the presentation of best practices, across Europe and region-specific.


Europe in Action is a 3-year project (2020 – 2022) led by TAFISA along with the involvement of eight partner organisations: Association Sport for All Serbia, Cyprus Sports Organisation, Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands, Ministry of Culture and Sports/General Secretariat of Sports of Greece, Ministry of Sport of the Republic of Poland, Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, Sports Union of Slovenia and Turkish Sport for All Federation. 

The Europe in Action project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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Project Partners

ASFA Serbia
Cyprus Sports Organisation
KC Sport Netherlands


Ministry Culture and Sports Greece
Ministry of Sport Poland


Sport Union Slovenia
Turkish Sport for All Federation