Europe in Action

Translating European policy into priorities for practical action

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Europe in Action undertakes an innovative and specialised approach to transfer fundamental and topical European key policy areas in the field of grassroots sport into priorities for practical action.  The research and analysis of existing EU policy will enable key themes to be extrapolated and formed in a way which allows streamlining into the agenda of stakeholders responsible for national and local policy and practical implementation.  


The process of transferring theory into practical action will encompass the following elements:


Knowledge creation and sharing of key European policy areas (“themes”). An analysis of existing European grassroots sport policy will lead to the sharing of specific themes which require attention in Europe, these may include: Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, Cultural, Heritage & Diversity, Economic Impact & Resources, Health & Well-being, Environment, Education, etc.).


Educational Modules developed based upon key themes which will be piloted throughout the 3-year project but then offered across Europe thereafter as a tool to educate key stakeholders in the field of grassroots sport.


Grassroots sport conferences in two different regions in Europe to invite key stakeholders for networking, knowledge sharing and the presentation of best practices, across Europe and region-specific.


Europe in Action's Mission

Europe is facing increasing challenges in terms of widespread physical inactivity which negatively impacts all corners of society. The Eurobarometer survey shows that during the last 10 years the proportion of those who never exercise or play sport has increased from 39% to 46%. Stakeholders from the European Sport for All Movement have placed emphasis on challenging this worrying trend however there remains a need for further action. 

Europe in Action will promote participation in sport and physical activity through providing analytic, educational and know-how activities all over Europe which transfer existing key policies into practical action. Europe in Action aims to guide local and national stakeholders during the implementation of practical actions, focusing on identified key policy areas to achieve the success of a more active society. This will be possible due to two conferences and three “Active Meetings” which offer an opportunity to bring together Sport for All actors for knowledge and experience sharing as well as the presentation of case studies and good practice. The five events will also provide a pivotal moment for the project partners to present on the project results, including the regional analyses of the Sport for All Movement.


Needs Analysis

Europe is continuing to face many challenges that are impacting citizen’s health and demanding new ways of thinking and acting. This includes major social, economic, environmental and demographic shifts, as well as the ongoing struggle to close the gap that exists in a person’s capability to conduct a heathy lifestyle. In the European Union (EU), two thirds of the adult population do not reach the recommended physical activity levels which has been rated as the fourth leading risk factor for mortality, triggering an estimated 1 million deaths per year.

There is an increasing need to raise awareness of the physical inactivity epidemic and to promote the benefits of living an active, healthy lifestyle. Physical activity crosses social, cultural and economic boundaries, and builds bridges and bonds like little else can. Physical activity increases physical, mental and social health and wellbeing, reduces environmental and economic costs, preserves cultural diversity, and creates peace and harmony. By introducing physical activity into the lives of all people, it is possible to bring joy to citizens and communities throughout Europe.



Good Practices

Good Practices

The Good Practices Database gathers national innovative measures, events or policy with visible results which has impacted a country regarding one or several Mission 2030's themes. It is organised by region and divided by themes.

If you want to submit one that is not already in the database, please email us at


Topical European Policies

Topical European Policies

There are many existing thorough and robust European sport and physical activity policies which enrich the HEPA environment across Europe. It is not the intention of Europe in Action to replicate what already exists, but more so to complement existing policy and assist in implementing recommendations at local and regional level.



Twin City

Twin City

The twin city concept is an innovative approach which aims to match two regions to one another to support each other to achieve their specific objectives in promoting and encouraging participation in sport and physical activity. A region who is considered a “champion” in, for example, social inclusion may be partnered with a region who is in the early stages of developing policies and practices within this area. This is an excellent opportunity to not only strengthen relations but also to support one another in grassroots sport and beyond.

If you would like to take part in the twin city approach please contact the project partners by writing to and include “Europe in Action – Twin City” in the subject of the email.  


Regional Hubs







Opening Conference June, 2021 Lisbon, Portugal
Active Meeting 1 October 2021  Portorož, Slovenia
Active Meeting 2 February 2022 Frankfurt, Germany 
Active Meeting 3 June 2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Closing Conference TBC 2022 Krakow, Poland



Project Partners

ASFA Serbia
Cyprus Sports Organisation
KC Sport Netherlands


Ministry Culture and Sports Greece
Ministry of Sport Poland


Sport Union Slovenia
Turkish Sport for All Federation