Active Cities – Active Communities – Active Citizens
is TAFISA's framework for Active Cities

Active Cities


As the world’s population living in urban areas is predicted to jump from 55% nowadays to 68% by 2050, the role of the city setting in tackling physical inactivity is growing. Cities are the places where people increasingly live, learn, play and work. If they are inactive cities, it’s game over. We must re-think the ways sport and physical activity are delivered, and the way cities are planned to ensure a broad access to all – placing the human at the centre.
This is a shared responsibility, which involves municipalities, national and regional governments, the Olympic and Sport Movement, NGOs and businesses alike. Active Cities, Active Communities, Active Citizens is built upon TAFISA’s and the Liverpool John Moores University’s long-standing experience in the field of Active Cities since 2012, and gathers a range of initiatives, programmes and events that can be developed and implemented by stakeholders at all levels – initiating a change of paradigm in the delivery of Sport for All and physical activity.
Based on two pillars, we offer diverse solutions to act at the level of the city setting and increase participation in Sport for All and physical activity:


Entry Level: Learn more about what developing Active Cities mean!

Active Cities Webinars
Keep updated about state-of-the-art Active City information, delivered by experts in different themes, and share your own good practices! The Active Cities webinars will from early 2021 regularly be regularly held on selected topic of relevance e.g. Active Schools, Active Mobility, Active Workplace, etc. 

Relive the webinars through our video replay below:

Active Cities Capacity Building Workshops
Our teams are available all year-round to help you kick-start and develop your Active City policies, initiatives and strategies – either at local or national level! If you do not know what to do, why you should do it, where to start, or simply wish to receive professional support, check out and host our capacity-building workshop, available in-person or online!
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Advance Level: Develop your Active City Strategy!


PACTE Matrix
Developed in partnership with the Think Tank Sport and Citizenship and with the support of the European Union, the PACTE Matrix is an interactive online tool that can be used by any city worldwide to develop its own Action Plan to promote physical activity in the city setting.
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Active City Innovation
Developed in partnership with the Innovationsmanufaktur, Technical University Munich and with the support of the German Ministry of Education and Research, Active City Innovation will provide you soon with guidelines, workshops and resources within an innovation hub to support you engage in Innovation processes to foster joy of movement within the city setting.
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Expert Level: Receive recognition for your Active City strategy and successes!


Global Active City Label
Are you motivated in creating a long-lasting and holistic change within your city and in your citizens’ life? Follow the guidelines of our ISO-compatible standard, developed in partnership with Evaleo and with the initial support of the IOC, get audited and receive the Global Active City Label!
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International events and initiatives to immediately engage your citizens to be active

WWD logo

TAFISA World Walking Day – 24h Around the Globe
Join in a global virtual relay linking all timezones of the globe! Through this event, which takes place every year on the first weekend of October, you can activate your citizens through any active mobility scheme – be it walking, running, cycling, climbing, skating or canoeing, and support your local communities while being part of a global campaign.
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licensed event

TAFISA Licensing
Designed exclusively for our International Members, TAFISA Licensed Sport for All Programs and Events was created to provide you with the tools, resources, and official licensing necessary to elevate your existing programs and events or enable you to introduce new Sport for All activities to your communities.
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TAFISA Patronage
You are organising Sport for All and physical activity programmes and events, and would like to add value to them and receive TAFISA’s recognition and support? Apply for patronage and receive our “Recognized Event” label.
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Because it is so important to acknowledge role models, every two years TAFISA rewards local governments, municipalities and stakeholders that have developed innovative and sustainable good practices.
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The Triple AC programmes and events were developed over time with a diversity of partners and experts including IOC, European Union, Liverpool John Moores University, Evaleo, Sport and Citizenship, and numerous cities such as Liverpool (UK), Tampere (Finland), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Hamburg (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Lillehammer (Norway), Richmond BC (Canada), Gaborone (Botswana), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) and Lausanne (Switzerland). Their expertise, altogether with TAFISA’s ideal positioning and experience with cities and national/regional organisations, will be mobilized to serve all stakeholders willing to take part in one or the other Triple AC Initiative.



TAFISA and the Liverpool John Moores University are available to consult any city or stakeholder interested in starting an Active City journey. Whether it is with baby steps or a big bang, we will be able to devise recommendations and direct you to programmes, events and bespoke support that are adapted to your needs and realities. Contact us at


  • Increase opportunities for your citizens to be active
  • Develop an active city strategy for your country (national level) or local government (local level)
  • Meet and learn from other stakeholders and cities
  • Diversify the Sport for All and physical activity offer on your territory
  • Build the capacity of your managers and stakeholders
  • Discover new ways to reach out to your citizens and promote physical activity
  • Choose solutions that fit you best among a range of diverse initiatives
  • Be part of a global network
  • Ripe short- and long-term benefits by investing in physical activity promotion
  • Learn more about evidence based practice and how it is vitally important in clearly
  • demonstrating the benefits of an Active City approach.
  • Etc.