TAFISA Membership Benefits

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As a Member-centric organisation, TAFISA’s number one priority is to serve the priorities, interests and expectations of all its Members. Members of TAFISA are not only responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation, but also ensure TAFISA adheres to its Mission, Vision and Core Values. The non-exhaustive list below has been made according to TAFISA’s Key Focus Areas with the aim to highlight benefits that result from being a TAFISA member.


  • TAFISA places the Sport for All Movement on an international platform by giving Members a voice and ensuring their voices are heard.
  • TAFISA represents Members on international bodies, in global committees and working groups, and through partnerships spanning multiple sectors.
  • TAFISA Regional Bodies and Programmes are in place to focus on the specific continental needs of Members and support activities and Member development in each region.
  • The TAFISA President, Board of Directors and Special Advisors visit Members on request and invitation to consult and politically support efforts in their country/region.
  • TAFISA offers political support by providing relevant resources such as policy papers, scientific documents, calls for action, signing of declarations, etc.

Programmes and Events

  • Members are the first served and to find out information and receive invitations for TAFISA’s ever-expanding, diverse range of programmes and events.
  • Members have exclusive access to a selection of programmes, events and services.
  • Members can not only participate in but also have exclusive rights to host TAFISA programmes and events (bidding rules apply for flagship events).
  • Members are offered a multitude of benefits and privileges when attending TAFISA events (reduction in participant fee, presenter opportunities, etc.) and are eligible for free of charge accommodation, local transport and meals for up to 10 delegates for several events.
  • Members are primary partners for TAFISA in terms of new project opportunities and the piloting of innovative concepts.
  • Members’ priorities are TAFISA’s priorities. TAFISA listens to the needs of Members and offers programmes and events, focusing on areas such as Traditional Sports and Games and Active Cities.

Networking and Experience Sharing

  • Members have an abundance of physical and virtual opportunities to network, learn and exchange with more than 383 fellow Member organisations from more than 170 countries worldwide.
  • Members are invited to share their work across TAFISA’s communications channels and are the first to receive news and opportunities shared exclusively with Members.
  • Members receive access to an extensive and eclectic variety of resources, including guidelines, toolkits, strategies, action plans, etc.
  • Member development is accessible through educational, training and capacity building opportunities.
  • Members can seek TAFISA’s advice and expertise by simply contacting the TAFISA Office and have access to a global network of experts in various fields related to Sport for All and physical activity.

Statutory Rights

statuatory rights
  • TAFISA Members have voting rights during the General Assembly for the election of the TAFISA Board of Directors and the hosts of TAFISA’s flagship events.
  • Members can bid to host TAFISA flagship events (including TAFISA World Congress, TAFISA World Sport for All Games, TAFISA Regional Sport for All Games, TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival).
  • Members can nominate a candidate to stand for the TAFISA Board of Directors’ elections.
  • Members can promote themselves as an official Member of the TAFISA Family, including making use of the TAFISA logo and branding (as per Guidelines).
  • Members are entitled to apply for TAFISA patronage for their own programmes and events and can promote these via TAFISA's Communication Channels.


TAFISA Members are regularly in the spotlight on TAFISA’s social media, website and, every month, in the TAFISA newsletter to promote the great work they are doing.

Interested in becoming a TAFISA member? Here is how to.