Tafisa Africa

Tafisa Africa

TAFISA Africa was formed as TAFISA’s official African regional body during the TAFISA-UNESCO VIPS Training Course in April, 2012, in Tanzania. TAFISA Africa’s work is based on adopted guidelines, and its primary objectives are:

  • Developing and promoting Sport for All in Africa with the aim to use sport as tool for development and peace.
  • Promoting the official TAFISA activities and programmes in Africa.
  • Strengthening the cooperation among its Members to contribute to its activities in the field of Sport for All by:
    - collecting and sharing knowledge of its structures and activities
    - formulating common goals for its expectations
    - initiating international exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices through workshops, training, conferences etc.
  • Initiating and maintaining the international cooperation with organisations having interest in the field of Sport for All, especially with Africa-wide organisations.
  • Cooperating with African regional, continental and international institutions in the furtherance of TAFISA goals and objectives.
  • Implementing and promoting African initiatives supporting the development of Sport for All among communities, for example the TAFISA/UNESCO VIPS Programme.
  • Encouraging sport organisations at all levels for active involvement in actions aimed at the development of Sport for All in Africa and calling for cooperation with TAFISA.
  • Supporting cross-sectoral cooperation in order to search for synergies between various partners and to utilise the resources of different networks.

The TAFISA VIPS (Volunteer Initiative for Peace through Sport) Programme focuses on Sport for All in Africa and aims at developing a network of trained Sport for All volunteers and managers across the African continent.

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