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TAFISA Family Day celebrates our members’ commitment to a better world. TAFISA Family Day is a great opportunity for our members to share their efforts in combatting physical inactivity through Sport for All and increase awareness within the TAFISA Family and Global Sport for All Movement. 

Every Friday, TAFISA highlights the work of one of its member organisations and celebrates them across social media platforms, sharing their good work with the Global Sport for All Movement.

Share your good work with the world!

  • What does Sport for All mean to you?
  • What is your favourite memory within Sport for All?
  • Which of the TAFISA Mission 2030 themes do you relate the most, and why?
  • One word to describe for Sport for All?


1. Download the TAFISA Family Day - entry form
2. Complete it and send it to media@tafisa.org
3. Remember to attach some pictures that represent your organisation and related to Sport for All
4. Send us the logo of your organisation

Learn more about TAFISA Mission 2030...

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Sport for All in One Word
  • meaning
  • meaning
  • meaning


  • Active Cities
  • Peace
  • Health
  • Gender Equality
  • memory
  • memory
  • memory
  • memory