The European Sport Stakeholders Gather in Bucharest


The European Sport Stakeholders Gather in Bucharest

12 April 2019

The annual EU Sport Forum took place in Bucharest, Romania, on April 8 – 9, 2019.

With more than 400 participants, the event proved once again to be the number one gathering of sport stakeholders across Europe, as representatives from the European Union, Sport Ministries, Sport movement and municipalities met to exchange about trends in the sports and physical activity sector.

Eu Sport Forum


Beyond the formal programme, which included discussions about the role of schools to better contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles, why and how should grassroots sport be financed, challenges of “less popular” sports and how will Europeans engage in sport in the future, TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann and Junior Director Jean-Francois Laurent could engage with the participants to strengthen existing and foster future partnerships.

video source: EU Sport Forum 2019

Download the programme here.