UNESCO CIGEPS Ordinary Session 2024 Held in Paris


UNESCO CIGEPS Ordinary Session 2024 Held in Paris

03 April 2024

The 2024 Ordinary Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS) took place in Paris, France on 3-4 April.

The 2024 session continued the work of MINEPS VII, highlighting the progress and work around Fit for Life, such as the impact of sport, gender equality and safeguarding, racism in sport, youth empowerment, and the potential of the African sports ecosystem. The main UNESCO events of 2024 related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games were presented. As a Consultative Member of CIGEPS, TAFISA joined the discussion which presented an opportunity to commend the work achieved by the UNESCO Secretariat and CIGEPS, and introduce relevant initiatives such as the Safeguarding Guidelines, the  Women Leadership in Sport for All workshops hosted in Fiji and the Caribbean as part of the UNESCO Participation Programme, and the Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway with the support of Nike Made to Play.

2024 CIGEPS session


An international Dialogue entitled "Athletes Game On for Peace" was held on 4 April, in partnership with UNESCO and Peace and Sport. This event highlighted the role of athletes in promoting and protecting peace through and in sport. To close this 2024 CIGEPS session a policy roundtable themed "Towards a Safer Playing Field - Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls in Sport" was held featuring athletes and experts. TAFISA Senior Manager Game Mothibi and Head of Operations Gaëtan Garcia participated in the week's events.


Panel session



CIGEPS, created in 1978 by UNESCO, gathers experts in physical education and sport. 2023 has been marked by the endorsement by more than 110 Member States of the MINEPS VII Baku Outcome Document (The International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport). This victory brings together actors from the private and public sectors to support the national and international implementation of Fit for Life.