TAFISA Emphasizes the Role of Sport for All at MINEPS VI


TAFISA Emphasizes the Role of Sport for All at MINEPS VI

21 July 2017

The Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport MINEPS VI was successfully held in Kazan, Russia on July 13-15, 2017. On this occasion, TAFISA President Ju-Ho Chang was invited to give a keynote speech on the theme of "Maximizing the contributions of sport to sustainable development and peace". 

TAFISA President Ju-Ho Chang giving a keynote speech at MINEPS VI


The event was the opportunity to provide a first overview of TAFISA' Project Active World and its associated "Mission 2030: For a Better World Through Sport for All", which aims to promote Sport for All as a great tool to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow, and help reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals. TAFISA's Project Active World is a work in progress and will be officially presented at the 25th TAFISA World Congress in Seoul, Korea, November 15-19, 2017.

The growing importance of the urban setting is also a key factor to take into account, as Ju-Ho Chang explained:

"TAFISA acknowledges that with the world’s growing urban population, the city setting is becoming increasingly significant for sustainable development and peace.  Building Active Cities can aid this development by providing citizens with opportunities to engage with each other, their environment, take ownership of their communities and be happier, healthier individuals."

The joint TAFISA project "Global Active City Development", in cooperation with Evaleo and the IOC, was therefore also presented through a poster explaining the main objectives of the programme. 

(from left) TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann, TAFISA President Ju-Ho Chang and Evaleo President Gabriel Messmer presenting the GACD Project Poster


For more information on the MINEPS VI event, please consult http://en.unesco.org/mineps6