Announcement: The Global Sport for All Movement and COVID-19


Announcement: The Global Sport for All Movement and COVID-19

19 March 2020

The current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide is prompting us all to take exceptional measures. In alignment with recommendations from the WHO, governmental authorities and health experts, TAFISA has decided to suspend any international travel of its Board of Directors and staff members until further notice and will thus not join any international event during the next two months. Additionally, the TAFISA Office staff will be working from home for the next two weeks to protect everyone’s safety and avoid further spreading the coronavirus. Please rest assured that during this period, TAFISA will carry out its daily operations to the best of its capacity and the Office can still be reached as usual via email or phone. 

Under these circumstances, we cannot safely organise and promote the TAFISA World Challenge Day, initially scheduled on 27 May 2020. TAFISA will not coordinate the World Challenge Day and recommends that event organisers consider cancelling their events for the WCD. We trust everyone to be responsible and check with their local and national authorities for instructions on how to proceed during the pandemic. 

While it’s important for everyone to observe recommendations of social distancing to stay at home and help flatten the pandemic’s curve, the Sport for All and physical activity movement that we represent has a key role to play in enhancing well-being and encouraging people to remain healthy during the outbreak. Joining the worldwide initiative from WHO to promote ways to be physically active while at home and share good practices, we would like to ask you all to share with us any activities, ideas and resources to stay active while confined. We will help promote and share those with the world across our channels. 

TAFISA, its members, network and societies at large constitute the Global Sport for All and physical activity movement and we take it as our duty to play a positive role in people’s lives during those challenging times.