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World walking day




The global pandemic brought by COVID-19 has stunned our societies, grassroots sports and health systems, and governments worldwide. Defeating this pandemic is only possible if we stand together and stay connected as a united front, once again proving the power of sport and physical activity to unify the world.
TAFISA wants you to stand with us in diminishing this pandemic through something the world has never seen before, the most accessible and inclusive 24-hour relay around the globe!
On 4 October 2020, TAFISA several thousands of people from 63 countries across all continents took part in World Walking Day and passed the baton across every time zone in the world. Read more about the event
For more information, please download the World Walking Day Announcement [PDF]


Participant Pack

Download the full Seven Steps here [PDF]

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  • 1. Register
  • 2. Tell your network and community
  • 3. Invite others to take part
  • 4. Decide if you want to raise money
  • 5. Choose your favourite outdoor activity and make it happen
  • Sunday 4th October 2020 at 10am
  • 6. Document your day
  • 7. Pass the baton!
  • #worldwalkingday

Step 7. Pass the Baton!


TAFISA World Walking Day is the most inclusive and accessible walk around the world. Over the past three decades, millions of participants have taken part in 160 countries.
Next year’s World Walking Day will take place on Sunday 3 October 2021 and will be a 30th birthday celebration for TAFISA! You will be among the first to hear what we have planned.


In Europe, the TAFISA World Walking Day - 24 hours around the globe aligns the European Week of Sport 2020.