IAPESGW celebrated its 70th Anniversary


IAPESGW celebrated its 70th Anniversary

22 July 2019

The International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) celebrated the 70th anniversary of the organisation with a Regional Congress in Madrid, Spain. The event took place from the 10th-13th July and gathered more than 100 participants from all continents who debated and presented research results about the fundamental right of girls and women in their access to sport and physical education.


The conference highlighted, through the keynote speeches of Darlene Kluka, Gertrud Pfister, Tansin Benn and Chris Shelton, the historical path the organisation has taken and the women who were pioneers in this field.

As part of the Congress, TAFISA Project Manager - Maria Lourdes Gonzalez - presented “TAFISA Mission 2030: For a Better World Through Sport for All”, highlighting TAFISA’S commitment on the topic as well as the role that Sport for All has in achieving gender equity.

TAFISA offers its heartfelt congratulations to IAPESGW President - Rosa Lopez D´Amico - and the IAPESGW Board on a successful conference that has inspired and empowered a new generation of women worldwide. TAFISA and IAPESGW will continue their long-standing friendship sharing experiences, successful practises and advocating for the right of girls and women to access sport and physical education.