1st Meeting of the Mastermind Team tasked with Creating an “Innovations Hub”!


1st Meeting of the Mastermind Team tasked with Creating an “Innovations Hub”!

20 July 2021

From Thursday 8th to Friday 9th July, TAFISA joined forces with creative minds in Heidelberg to continue working on the creation of an “Innovations Hub” as part of the Active City Innovation (ACI) project. The aim of the Innovation Hub is to provide leadership and guidance to generate innovation that will foster the joy of movement. Ultimately, increasing opportunities for participation in Sport for All and physical activity. This mastermind team is led by InnovationsManufaktur and includes TAFISA, Outdoor Active and German Gymnastic Federation. Alongside brainstorming, the team fostered their own movement through experiencing the Alla Hopp facility which included a helpful guided tour from Markus Wellenreuther, Sports Pedagogical Coordinator of the City of Heidelberg.

ACI is led by the Innovationsmanufaktur and Technical University Munich and is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. For more information, visit https://www.sinn.international/active-city-innovation/


TAFISA thanks InnovationsManufaktur for this ongoing partnership and is excited for the next steps in the creation of the Innovations Hub!