Tens of Thousands Join TAFISA World Walking Day


Tens of Thousands Join TAFISA World Walking Day

18 October 2018

TAFISA is happy to announce that this year the TAFISA World Walking Day has been a massive success with tens of thousands of participants from all around the world.

Among the most successful events were the following staged in Egypt, India and Turks and Caicos Islands.  

TAFISA Board Member Janez Sodrznik joined the TAFISA World Walking Day in Egypt: "It has been an outstanding experience for me to walk in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids.  To connect physical activity with national culture was an inspiring idea by the General Egyptian Sport for All Federation".  

TAFISA WWD 2018 in Egypt


The TAFISA World Walking Day in India was organised by The All India Association of Sports For All (AIASFA), who gathered over 30,000 participants in Kerala and Gujarat, securing a Universal Record Forum Award in the process. 

TAFISA WWD 2018 in India


The "Walk for a Cause - Take Back Your Streets, Take Back Your Future" TAFISA World Walking Day in Turks and Caicos Islands was organised by the Turks and Caicos Commonwealth Games in collaboration with TCI Department of Youth and the Ministry of Health and saw more than 1,000 participants joining the initiative to promote youth empowerment, sports advancement, holistic wellness (physical, spiritual and mental health), community building and the end to violence.  


TAFISA WWD 2018 in Turks and Caicos Islands


TAFISA congratulates all TAFISA World Walking Day participants and looks forward to sharing more stories over the next few weeks!

Share your TAFISA World Walking Day 2018 stories with us at: info@tafisa.org