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In 2030, all people have access to the nutrition and physical activity necessary for a healthy lifestyle.


As a global race, we are getting better at feeding the hungry. Some 70 years ago, nearly half the world’s population was undernourished, however we have reduced this to around 12%. In contradiction, during that same time, the world’s obese population has more than doubled1. Along with poor diet choices, physical inactivity is to blame. Physical inactivity is also linked to approximately 5.3 million premature deaths worldwide annually – more than tuberculosis, lung cancer, HIV/AIDS or traffic accidents – and says nothing of the cost to human capital, life quality, and bankrupting economies. It is estimated that the direct monetary costs of physical inactivity in the USA alone will reach $191.7B by 20302. This is unsustainable.
[1] Source: WHO
[2] Source: Designed To Move – A Physical Activity Action Agenda


To make a change, the global SAPA Movement must:

  • Insist medical professionals prescribe physical activity as a solution and preventative measure.
  • Teach the importance of moving alongside good nutrition.
  • Build awareness of the positive impact of movement beyond physical health.


Living Sports

Living Sports

Organisation Jordan National Olympic Committee (JOC)
Country Jordan
Target Group Jordanian citizens



HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein launched Living Sport, a dynamic national communications initiative from the Jordan National Olympic Committee, to achieve the vision of sport playing a part in the lives of all Jordanians. This is achieved through engagement, events and initiatives, ambassador programmes and marketing. There are several pillars that Living Sport is built upon namely: engaging, events and initiatives, reaching out to the young and the business of sport.

Al Hussein Youth City, Amman, Jordan
P.O.Box 19258 Amman 11196
+962 65671171

JOC logo
Sports 7330

Sports 7330

Organisation Korean Sports & Olympic Committee
Country Korea
Target Group Korean citizens

#ActiveCities #Community #Health


This is a nation-wide sports campaign under the slogan of “Exercise over 30 minutes a day 3 times a week” which aims to enhance and enrich the quality of life of Korean citizens by encouraging people to bring sports into daily lives. In order to create environments where citizens can easily access sports, the KSOC invest in expanding the number of sports clubs as well as further support school sports facilities to be opened and accessible for all users.

Korean Sport & Olympic Committee
Olympic Centre 424, Olympic-ro Songpa-gu
Seoul 138-749
Republic of Korea
+82 24204214

KSOC logo
Sport for All Initiative

Sport for All Initiative

Organisation United States President´s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition
Country United States of America
Target Group United States citizens

#Play #Education


The Sport for All initiative of the United States President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition strives to educate all Americans on the benefits associated with sport participation. The Sport for All initiative engages the Council and influential leaders across sectors to uplift the benefits associated with sports participation and shares strategies that can help increase access to sports for youth. This effort focuses on emphasising a core theme of “sport for all, play for life” through encouraging people of all ages, genders, ability levels, and backgrounds to participate in sports.
It is supported by national stakeholders.

President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201
United States of America
+1 2402769567


Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine

Organisation American College of Sports Medicine
Country United States – International chapters
Target Group All citizens



Exercise is Medicine (EIM) is a global health initiative managed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). It encourages primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans and to refer patients to evidence-based exercise programmes and qualified exercise professionals, especially those with the EIM credential. EIM is committed to the belief that physical activity promotes optimal health, is integral in the prevention and treatment of many medical conditions and should be regularly assessed and included as part of health care. The EIM Global Network is coordinated by the EIM Global Centre (EIM-GC) in the U.S., which identifies key partners across the globe to establish an EIM Regional Centre (EIM-RC) and EIM National Centres (EIM-NC). The EIM-RCs and EIM-NCs are hosted by partner institutions that might be, for example, a university, a professional association, or a health care system. As of May 2015, EIM has established a presence in 43 countries globally.
It is supported by Technogym, Anytime Fitness and DJO Global



Moving Medicine

Moving Medicine

Organisation Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK
Country United Kingdom
Target Group All citizens

#Community #EconomicImpact


Moving Medicine is a tool that helps healthcare professionals advise patients on how physical activity can help to manage their conditions, prevent disease and aid recovery. The tool focuses on helping to address the most common long-term health conditions affecting the population, such as cancer, depression, musculoskeletal pain and type 2 diabetes. Developed in consultation with over 300 healthcare professionals and patients and using evidenced based step-by-step guidance, Moving Medicine is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the latest evidence to address this knowledge and skills gap in the NHS and support healthier outcomes for patients as a result.
It is supported by Public Health England, The Big Lottery and Sport England

Moving Medicine
6 Hill Square, Edinburgh






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